By the way? There are the options for second or third opinions?

July 29, 2010 at 7:33 pm

I do HATE that ‘live with it’ stance some docs take? Does this neuro have any experience with MS patients? Because I’ve found them to me more understanding. Even tho w/MS the demeyelination occurs in the brain, where we get it all in the extremeties. They can do the tests, and respect pain more than some other ‘specialists’. Depends on where you live and what the menu of neurologists are?
I actually had one PN neuro department head say to me a few years ago? That I can’t have CIDP because I’m not in a wheelchair! Don’t you THINK that the IVIG might have kept me from that? That and PT? No response, just a lot of wheels squeaking in that docs’ mind! And ironically? I went to him because of another possible CIDP s/e w/vision. Turned out to be a non issue so far! Whew!
Each neuro has biases based on their training. Web up each doc and see where they seem to stand w/PATIENTS in their diagnostics. Some docs relate well? Others don’t! Shows up in their papers. Just something to think on. Don’t always go for the department heads. Sometimes #’s 2 or 3 are better? They try harder! Just my experiences to that all.
Good luck and keep us up to date!