Brief comments on CIDP

August 14, 2011 at 6:23 pm

These conditions affect us in different ways. Some of us are more disabled than others. There are some people with CIDP who are in wheelchairs while orthers just feel tired, have some balance problems and occasional foot pain. Some get worse quickly and others over many years. Then again it may level off and one may go into remission. CIDP can recur in contrast to GBS that very rarely recurs. CIDP is a disorder that like MG can last a lifetime. Where steroids help with CIDP they don’t with GBS. CIDP is much rarer than GBS. In CIDP it is the nerve root or peripheral nerves that get damaged rather than nerves within the brain or spinal cord. The dx of CIDP can take a long time. It’s achieved more by exclusion than anything else. To add to the difficulty in dxing the disorder, some patient present as GBS patients before they develop CIDP.