Booster Shots???

May 17, 2006 at 9:18 am


This is just my 2 cents worth on booster shots but as far as I am concerned I will probably avoid them. I came down with GBS five days after receiving HepA/HepB booster shots for a trip overseas. I have had these shots before with no problems, but that particular time they got me. I have heard, that if you get GBS/CIDP from a particular type of shot, you should be cautious in getting the same type of shot again (i.e. flu, hepatitis, etc.). I will definately not get the the Hep shots again.

Not sure what the school rules are for shots though, as kids often are required to have certain shots. You might have to check and get an opinion from your daughter’s neuro/family doctor.

Glad to hear your daughter is doing so well! Tell her congrats on the Dancefest selection. 🙂