January 26, 2007 at 8:17 pm

Hi Becca:
I live in Orange County, CA and I am in the process of being diagnosed with CIDP. I’m still walking but I need to use my arms to pull me up the stairs using the rails, my walking is off balance and I compensate by slowing way down and taking small steps. I’ve had tingling, pins and needles, deep muscle aches, finger tremors, and muscle spasms since last April 06. I only heard of CIDP and read about GBS 4 months ago.

In regards to your question about a good neuro in LA: I was referred to UCI medical center in Orange, where they are very much familiar with neuromuscular disorders. I’m seeing Dr. Taseen Mozaffar and awaiting tests of emg/ncv and a spinal tap next week. They do physical therapy there but its a little too far for me so I found an excellent site thanks to Doby48 [url][/url] and patient facilities. There are several pt sites in CA and some in LA. I posted a reply on the CIDP site re: anybody else in San Diego, CA. I cut and pasted the following from Billt, Thanks Bill:
“Dr. Mozaffar at UCI is probably the top-level specialist in Orange County, he would be good for getting a diagnosis if you can get a referral to him. I also saw Dr. Graves at UCLA a few years ago and he is excellent, but quite a drive obviously. Additionally, my doctor sent me to see Dr. Bosch at Mayo Clinic Scottsdale for another set of expert eyes after I was having a really rough go several months back.”

Call UCLA or UCI and ask for an experience neuro closer to you. Keep asking around, I’m sure you’ll find the right one who has experience and knowledge.:)

Good health to you,