Be over prepared

February 10, 2010 at 5:09 pm


I went to my first neurology appointment assuming he was going to be an excellent doctor and want as much information as possible. I prepared a very detailed health history all the way back to childhood mishaps. I also provided a separate list of family illnesses. And finally I had a list of specific physical complaints. All nicely typed up and ready to go in my medical file.

I don’t know if my neurologist actually used my information when he diagnosed me. But his polite and interested attitude made me like and trust him immediately.

In following appointments I continued to take typed lists of questions and concerns to be added to my file. My neurologist would consider a complaint such as the inability to open the soda bottle and then quantify that problem using the appropriate medical exam.

I know I am extremely lucky that my family doctor was able to refer me to this wonderful specialist. However, I think all doctors should be comfortable with a well informed, organized patient.