Be careful about lumping together

April 5, 2008 at 10:16 pm

[QUOTE=Dick S]Jim,

I agree about the slice and cut Dr. In a demyelinating neuropathy, the nerve will become inflamed where there is damage. If there is damage on the nerve that goes through those small openings in the wrist, symptoms would be so similar.

Once again, same symptoms, different cause.

It is awfully difficult sometimes to “split the hairs”, that is also why a diagnosis of CIDP is often difficult to coirrectly get. Imagine the “wrong” neuro, seeing the capral tunnel-like symptoms, do the surgery, and wonder why it didn’t go away? OOPS

Have a great day.[/QUOTE]
Well my husband had the “wrong” neuro in the beginning, and was sliced and diced with the diagnosis of carpal tunnel. Had the surgery in 2003, the surgeon looked at him six months later as hubby’s hand was atrophying and said it took time for the nerves to re-grow on their pathways, saw the original neuro again in 2005 who poo poo’ed his hand arm atrophy, went to a specialist referral clinic and the doctor their within five minutes recognized this ain’t carpal tunnel, referred him back to the original neuro who then referred him to a neuromuscular disease unit neuro. In the meantime, he wound up with irreparable atrophy and dysfunction, drop foot, nerves in the opposite hand weakening etc. etc. I grind my teeth just looking back at all the incompetence and the damage done. And the neuro who follows him now asked if he wanted to go back to the original neuro. for treatment after she made the diagnosis of CIDP. A loudly voiced,”NO!” was his response.

When hubby was getting IVIG last week, we met a young fellow getting IVIG for Polymysositis. Said he had repeatedly gone to doctors who couldn’t tell him what was wrong, but he was so weak he could hardly walk. He researched his symptoms on the internet and concluded he might have Polymysositis, took the print out to his doctor, she did some tests, and called him. Said to him, “I need to see you on Monday. If you have any trouble breathing over the weekend, go to the emergency room. On second thought meet me an the hospital in an hour”. He went into respiratory distress shortly after arriving at the hospital. The poor bugger diagnosed himself. A true but sad story.