Balance and vision

September 12, 2009 at 3:16 pm

My balance gets staggeringly worse and fast!
My vision starts to get really blurry, like I need a change in my lenses’ prescription. The vision factor went up and down for two months before an ‘onset’ which ended me up in the hospital with all the pain you were talking about and more!
It is just something to cope with and recognize the signs, then deal with them. No sense stressing [even tho your brain is in major panic mode] but take it as it comes. Know when to call for help-either a booster dose of IVIG or Prednisone or whatever but try to think clearly to AVOID worse things happening. We have the brains? But I know from experience that sometimes the pain over-rides a lot of common sense approaches we should take.
Hange in there! Tho? Gotta tell you I hate such things happening on the weekends? As little gets done for you medically until the week.
Good thoughts in the meantime!