Bad news, for now…

July 1, 2008 at 1:04 pm

Hey everyone,

Things are getting worse for me right now. The last neurologist I went to basically said he couldn’t do anything else for me — that I didn’t have any “nerve symptoms” that he could tell, or any nerve damage, even though I have pain, tingling, buzzing in my fingers, burning, every single day, and it’s alleviated by a decent dosage of neurontin. He’s recommended me to a rheumatologist and that appointment isn’t until August 6th.

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I were shopping and I started having chest pain at the mall. It persisted and intensified, and I began to have difficulty breathing. Security called the paramedics and I went into the ER — bloodwork, EKG, and chest x-ray all came back normal. There was no stress, I don’t have anxiety attacks, definitely no heart attack or blood clotting, so doctors were at a loss.

Anyone with an explanation for THAT one, or some advice about where to go, would be appreciated. I’m following up with my GP today but I feel it will be a fruitless venture.