bad news and good news (Rollercoaster ride)

September 11, 2007 at 11:13 am

Yesterday was a roller coaster ride. Pulminary Dr told dad that his preliminary report is that mom will never get off the respirator and that we need to start thinking about quality of life and discussing this with mom. Well Dad and I were torn about this of course not knowing what to think. Anyway the physical therapist came in and worked with mom. After the session the therapist came out and said she has movement on her right side. Dad said no way and he said yes she does. The therapist showed him by putting moms right arm up in the air in the shape of an “L” and she pushed his head down. He then pushed her right leg backwards like a bicycle and she pushed his hand back with her foot. Dad still didnt beleive it so the therapist had dad do the holding and sure enough she is able to move in these certain positions. Looks like the PT is working. Now all we nheed is to get the pulminary department to give her a chance. We have brought in her case manager and she has informed everyone that they are to be positive and discuss nothing other than positive things in mom’s presence.,