Back in ICU Today

March 1, 2008 at 8:09 pm

Apparently Carolyn was in rehab just lying in bed when she couldn’t breath. They realized her right lower lung had collapsed. They brought her to ICU and put her on a ventilator through her trach tube. Her heart rate was 150 and they told us that was due to the collapsed lung. Later, her blood pressure dropped to 68/38 and they had to put in a catheter to administer Lentilin(?) – they said it was caustic -to restrict her vessels to up the BP. We just left her and her BP was 111/59 so it looks like that is better. However a new xray of her lung shows fluid filling it more quickly than they seem to be able to evacuate it. We are extremely worried at this point. We again stressed to Carolyn we’d like her to go to Columbia but she refused. The one improvement is that her vision is not blurred as of today. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.