Back home and trying to get back to normal

November 17, 2006 at 3:49 pm

I arrived home to snow, lots of it. The weather was terrible for the next week. The snow was really bad. The snow is piling up and I am still dealing wwith pain caused by the trip and the pilianital cist. I got it checked out when I got back andd the doctors said the cist was still deep in the tissues and had not yet reached the surface. So he wrote a prescription for antibiotics and T-3’s. I am in an incredible amount of back pain from the trip on the Greeyhound. I am finding it causing my ability to walk harder than it was before. I loved the symposium so right now the pain is worth all of it. I will definatly go again and I might choose a different mode of transportation this time. Mabye I will take the train who knows.

Loved meeting all of you who attended and got to know so many of you. Aall those on the forum here I got to meet face to face , this meant a lot to me and I am glad you were able too come and I am glad I wass able to make it myself.