June 19, 2009 at 10:58 am

Hello D.U.,

I pray the doctors are going to do something to help improve your situation. I’m also glad you’re feeling a little better (hopefully that will change to “much better” after your appointment).

Are you able to hire someone to help you with some of your chores? If so, perhaps you can go that route as it may allow you to concentrate a bit more on those end of the school year issues.

You’re in my prayers.

Take care,



March 30, 2009 at 2:14 pm

I am not a lawyer or familiar with IRS law, but I know in my area when funds are set up to help a family in need, a special fund is set up with a local bank for individuals to send donations to.
You local bank may be able to assist you with anwsering questions properly.
I’m so glad you are surrounded by such loving care.


January 28, 2009 at 10:24 pm

I cannot address what it legal, but I know what would be fine for me as a very modest person all my life. I think it would be the surprise factor that would bother me–looking up and seeing a man in the restroom without a lady beside him or not knowing he was going to be there. I would not mind a man in the restroom to assist his wife, but it would startle me at first if I saw you there before realizing why, so I might say in situations in which there might be questions about your assisting your wife such as a big public restroom in a place with almost all strangers, you might think of announcing yourself as you enter. I might say something like “Just to let you know, a guy has entered this restroom because his wife requires assistance. There is no reason for concern”. Most airports and many newer public buildings have a “family” restroom that is a single stall and can be used by man or woman assisting a child or adult of either gender. For your “protection” from anyone getting upset, i would think it is also good ediquette to not look at anyone but your wife in the restroom-keeping your eyes turned away or looking down and staying in the handicap stall with her when she is there rather than waiting separate from her. I do not say this at all to make you more self conscious, but rather just to help prevent someone from coming face to face with you all a sudden and doing something like yelp in alarm which might escalate. My dad needed to help my mom after she was in a wheelchair. I will ask him if the rehabilitation people gave any special advice, but I think he just announced why he was there and did as above. He is a very shy, “proper” Southern gentleman and I know that this was probably the hardest thing for him to do–to step out of “tradition”, but he said that no one ever got upset and realized that he was just there to help her and not cause any concern. I admire him greatly for this act of love for her because it was not easy for him, but was required for them to do to get out of the house anytime. WithHope