As one who had a ‘reaction’ to gadolinium?

April 18, 2010 at 7:11 pm

Let me tell you the reaction during an MRI was one very scary event. That had to be repeated, no less! At least there was no anaphylaxis in the mix…yet! WHEW!
After talking to the specialist who’d ordered it? NEVER AGAIN! I get the full PET scan now…And I almost believe I ‘glow’ for days after. But, The PET gets a whole heap of things the basic MRI’s never will. Because of that radiation? Every little problem that has, might be or is in the process of developing shows up! Further? It’s saved me from many more ‘basic tests’ that are ‘inconclusive’ in the long run.
BTW? I think there are other ‘contrast’ mediums than the ‘gad’ that can be used if you are sensitive? Only they aren’t as effective.. Trade offs everywhere. Good luck!