Any suggestions??

May 5, 2007 at 6:53 am

Well, I’m doing quite well, at the begining I didn’t stop crying, but nowadays I’m very happy, although as everybody I have bad days too.

I can’t complaint, I’ve been able to work again since two months ago, all my collegues are helping me an encouragin me, and I don’t have any problem with the days I have to get my IGIV, my boss is always asking me how I’m feeling and telling to takes things easily, I’ve learned to do things in another way, more patiently, and having much more rest.

I’ve learned who are my trustly friend, and of course I’m discovering many others hobbies I can do. What I’m trying it’s that when I feel “perfect”, I go ahead with all the things I used to do: going to the beach, playing golf, walking along the beach, always having rest as much as I can, an when the weekness came back again, well that’s life¡¡¡¡ I stop doing them , and start doing another ones, like write, read, cooking (I love it) and of course start asking for my IGIV dose to start again the circle. But really I don’t feel sad for it. I’ve learned to ask for help, to my family and my friends, what they are doing now is that when I’m geting my IGIV they spent a couple of hours with me at the hospital, bring me a coffe, some buscuits, and so time goes faster.

But the only thing I can’t go ahead with it it’s not knowing when is this finishing, because I always think that this will end some day, but reading your post I’m realising that maybe it could never happen. How do you do it? 😮