another weather factor?

July 10, 2006 at 5:48 am

This thread appeared whilst we were away on holday in Germany. Just noticed a reference to it on another thread. Warmth, cold, changes in humidity may occur in various weather systems. I first became aware of extra pain occurring during atmospheric pressure changes and situations of what I now describe as mini-lows.
Some experts suggest that atmospheric pressure is the main link between weather and pain. Rather than add many paragraphs here may I refer you to links to 2 of my web sites.(link deleted by administration) PDN, which Allaug in Norway also has as has Norb, is a relation of CIDP.
On another site (link deleted by administration) and 2 succeeding pages tell more.
In recent days I have had some really bad spells with pain. The link between the movements on the bottle and the pain is unfailing.
Another factor is high wind levels. Drive my feet crazy.:mad: