Another step towards Progress

June 18, 2009 at 8:51 pm

Just another update…I’m scheduled for a CT scan next week, then back to the doctor for another appointment. I have also found transportation to the appointment!!!

All of this comes right in the middle of the most busy and stressful time of my work-term. My students are having exams and I’m preparing/teaching the last lessons; I’ve got tons of paperwork to complete for awards and reports, meetings with parents, etc. If I don’t make a good final impression on them now, this will jeopardize lesson enrollment in September, and that’s my livelihood and income. There’s the extra yard and garden work to get done, cooking and errands to do up ahead of time.

Just trying to figure out how to do all of this, and feeling overwhelmed.:confused:

I’ve had a CT scan before–years ago, for migraines; it was a real brain-scrambler, left me feeling confused and forgetful for days afterwards.
I’m worried about that happening, because it’s hard enough to cope with my situation as it is, but if parents/students see me deteriorating, it will be very hard for me to survive in my occupation.

Thank-you for your prayers! Actually, I’m too dizzy and exhausted most of the time to worry much; I used to be a real worrier, now I just can’t seem to concentrate long enough. Instead I seem to need to sleep a lot more these days. Vision still swirly; lots of round, white lights in both sides of peripheral vision. Headaches are back, but not as bad as the first year, eh people?

On the plus side, you should just see my purple iris blooming! They’re so beautiful! And my chives are ready to bloom, and a few of my perennials are starting to bloom too. It was a hard struggle, but I actually put in a little garden again this year. I’m so glad I did, because I love green, growing things so much. Hope everyone is finding some enjoyment in the wonder and beauty of spring, and that God will bless and keep us all as we deal with these illnesses and our problems. Later, friends…..