another episode yet again

December 5, 2008 at 9:38 am

I was up from 3 to 430 this am with another real bad episode. Burning…I cant take that burning. I am very lucky that it doesnt last…it’s not burning now. It hurts now…into my wrist…fingers a bit numb.

What IF it IS carpel tunnel ????? Then I’m really screwed. I’m having ivig today and hope that something gives soon. I know, it’s not a large enough dose…but, it’s something.

I can NOT deal with that burning. It is truly a pain like no other.

Grawplyr, glad to see you posting again. I dont know that IVIG can cause a relapse or if anyone here has had that happen. I hope you do better with your new meds. I had the meningitis headache on my very first loading dose long ago. that’s no fun !

I fake bake…I wonder if that is vitamin D.

All I know friends is that I can not take that pain…I know I keep saying that, but it is truly horrible. I pray that it stops. I’m grateful it doesnt last all the time or I dont know how I’d make it through the day. It literally feels like my hand is on fire. A really hot fire. And, duh…the cold water doesnt help b/c it’s not really a burn…like grawplyr said. I never thought of that. I rub it and shake it, put it under the water…the only thing that really probably helps is time. I pray that nobody else has to deal with this.

I have ivig at 330 today.

bye for now