an entirely crooked industry

December 6, 2010 at 11:44 am

[FONT=”Microsoft Sans Serif”]jimc– yes… it’s hell on earth. be very careful when you next try to get off of it. my method, which i borrowed from the internet blogs, was to count beads and reduce them slowly over as much time that was necessary, even if that meant a year… in my case, i was able to safely jump off at 20mg minus 75% of the beads. i was still spitting nails for a while when something didn’t go my way– but it was manageable. good luck jim.

isaroaz–very glad you recognized so early how dangerous cymbalta is and am impressed with your insistence on stopping it early on. i think you saved yourself a lot of grief.

homeagain– i agree with all you wrote. thanks, i too am thrilled to be off it! lawsuits aren’t too much my style– i think i would need something much more tangible to pursue that route… like if they removed the wrong arm or something 🙂 what i did find interesting is this website where you can see what moneys your doctor receives from certain pharmaceutical companies!

it has its limitations as it is only the pharmaceutical companies that chose to disclose which are represented… interestingly, i found out that my 1st, and horrible, neurologist gets paid by ili lilly… here is the link: [url][/url]

i left my doctors name in there so that you can see how it looks when someone comes up as paid. you can just replace his name and adjust your state to do your own discovery.

incidentally, dr. jonathon katz, md, is one of two neurologists that this foundation recommends for folks in my area, lol, go figure— (the 2nd one recommended is his boss, same office–lol)[/FONT]