Amazing! Timelines similar!

July 10, 2006 at 6:50 am

I am just starting to experience the numbness like I would associate with what my friend experienced as carpal tunnel and I am too in my 8th month of recoverly from GBS. I notice it the most when I talk on the phone. I was chalking it up to the GBS and was glad to read these messages. It makes sese to me that it is from the GBS. I am glad to see that others also feel that way. I will also avoid those positions and think about wearing the brace if it occurs at night or atleast when I am on the telephone.

Again this message board has only comfirmed my thoughts of the GBS is responsible and there fore I don’t panic. I am starting to understand that GBS also stands for Getting Better Slowly. I am learing daily from those that are ahead of me on this timeline.

You have saved me from many calls to my Doctors. THANK YOU EVERYONE! it is nice to have some understanding of this illness that actually makes me feel that my body is coming back to being normal or atleast healing normally.