All right another great club to be part of

May 20, 2011 at 1:00 am

[QUOTE=northernguitarguy]welcome to the club, drag that it is

I took twitching to be a sign that nerves are starting to fire off again. I dunno if this is scientific but it felt positive.[/QUOTE]

I also have muscle twitches. I hope its just part of the recover process. However I have a felling like one member stated its the “new normal”

They have made my legs and arms jerk, move without my doing, hands as well. So far not in my face.

My wish would be to have a Dr tell me this is the best it will get. At lest then I can further adjust. My depression and anxity is at the top. Maybe get a Dr to at least let me know what is going on.

October 3, 2008 dx with GBS the day my life changed — for the better or worse. From the first drip of IVIG it seemed I was algeric to it. Aseptic meningetus. Wasnt realzed until after the 3rd dose. Then IVIG stopped.

Honesty from the medical world would be great.
Having us speak to others who have this will be a comfort to the familys nd Dx’d.