all depends on each

May 2, 2007 at 7:32 pm

I had a very severe case but they caught it early.After the 4 weeks in CCU where I was getting “baby therapy” such as stretching my hands and fingers and feet , then them just trying to get me to sit up or roll over I’m sure helped and that was 2 times per week I “think”. Then after the fourth week they transfered me to a rehab Hospital that was SET up for spinal and head and everything other kind of rehab . They assigned me 2 therapists 1 PT 1OT , When I arrived by ambulance that was less than a mile but cost 400 bucks , they introduced me to the boot camp. I had 2 hours in the am and 2 hours in the pm. I think the whole thing depends on the observation of the therapists and them noticing when your moving forward or backward. Sometimes they would push me hard and others they would say just take it easy this session. I couldn’t even raise my arm or roll over when I went in and 4 weeks later I walked out with a walker and asked to not use it but they refused. Then they set me up with home pick up transportation to get 2 hours 1ot/1pt three times per week and that continued for3 months. I think it helped me tremendiously , but they noticed when to back off and push harder.