alittle about me

November 17, 2006 at 9:13 pm

My name is Kelly and i have had gbs for 3 years now. Im 38 , a wife and a mother of 4 wonderful kids. Ive heard for so long now that one day I will recover and I am sure that its just a pipe dream. I still have terrible pain in my feet and legs, they feel so many different ways. They always feel like there wrapped so tight and no blood is flowing and I also get what i like to say is electic shock down my legs to my feet. I can hardly feel my toes at all. My face is still partially paralyzed so I talk funny and dont look like i use to. I am always so tired and everything seems to kick my ass. I know I should be greatful Im alive and can walk again but sometimes I cant help to feel so dang cheated.