Agree with others! ABSOLUTELY!

February 5, 2011 at 9:57 pm

Couldn’t complete more than simple sentences, and would forget THEM when I was half way thru? Had to carry around a note pad to keep what thoughts I had written down, so I’d remember them. Tongue tied to boot!
It WAS sort of similar to when I’d had a very bad concussion years ago? In the total and remote sense of ‘disconnect’, But I’d read up on the prescribed meds’ side effects and that they can cause them as well [Web up your pain and other meds by name and go to their full-prescribing information.-Where side effects and other fun possible complications could arise. Read them and be suspicious? There are over 50 meds to help with pain -but not all of them work for all of US!] I’ve changed meds and that aspect is ‘mostly’ gone.
Now, as to wether it’s a CIDP ‘thing’ or not? It mite be a medication thing!
Just be sure you get heaps of rest, and good nourishments! Those aspects and keeping to mostly unprocessed foods [with some well? Sins in this area?] You can help yourself immensely. Try taking Methycobalamin B-12, It’s to promote new nerve growth and it works, but takes a VERY long time…
other vitamins can help as well. Do research on it, please.
Like Alice, I too had vision problems… diagnosed by a neuro-opthamologist as ‘non-aura migraines’…go figger. Mine was more like a fog passing over the horizon of my forward vision -like driving thru a thick ground fog only GRAY-darker. Would happen 5-20 times a day! Scary, but it went away [WHOOP!].
It’s scary to terrifying at times, when this ‘stuff’ goes on? But key to getting thru it or around it is to keep calm. Relaxing, when ‘IT’ happens? is the truly best thing you can and should do!
It’s kind of like when you fall? And in a split second your brain and body are almost screaming: I’m Gonna Fall!!! EEECK! Well, if you just say in yourself? Yep, I’m falling, gotta CHILL? You mite just escape drastic damages. Easier to flop down on hard surfaces than go splat!
Alice? That taste thing? Or, lack of it? It’s wicked isn’t it? Can’t appreciate good food for anything anymore! Durn it? It’s boring! Hope this helps, Wendy-louise! Keep asking questions, not one is too silly to ask, I’ve asked a heap of them myself! Don’t be shy!