After cellcept?

December 11, 2006 at 8:36 pm

Hi Lisa,
I am also on Cellcept, and not seeing any help with halting the rampage of CIDP through my body.
My Neuro. told me he wanted me to be on it the full 6 months before he decides if I should go to the next step. Apparently, (he told me), that Cellcept takes a full 6 months before any actions can be seen…(and I am waiting…).
BUT, he said the next steps get nasty. He said it goes into chemotherapy, with many side-effects, which is why he is hoping the Cellcept will do something.
He mentioned interferon, etc.
Let me know what your doctor puts you on, and if there are any side-effects, since I am following your route (lol).