Advocacy Resources

May 30, 2008 at 3:20 am

Please reference Protection and Advocacy’s explanation of the four stages a review must pass through to meet the standard on disability: [url][/url] If your husband’s diagnosis isn’t on the list for automatic approval, then it does take time. Though having copies of all tests and documents, particularly if a hearing is in the works, can unravel the problem, it helps to quantify the activities of daily living, such as how many steps you can take before your rest, how long the rest must be before moving again, and how many times in a day you can do this, etc. All of your husband’s skills, knowledge and abilities might or might not allow him to work in some type of gainful activity, even if it isn’t the work he has been doing, according to the perspective of the reviewers.

There are subsidized housing programs through HUD and local city programs that you might be qualified to apply for. Additionally, local discount utility programs through your service provider.

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Additionally, I’d encourage you to explore advocacy and other support options through your local Independent Living Center at [url][/url]