Adult Protective Services Can Help

June 29, 2006 at 12:56 am

Agreed that the medical attention is needed immediately to sort out the symptoms, and …

an advocate is needed immediately to help mediate the struggles you are having. One option would be to contact Adult Protective Services (in the government pages of your telephone book). Tell them what you wrote about your situation here, and ask for a case worker immediately. The case worker can help coordinate support services and ramp you need. They may also agree that a medical assessment and/or treatment is prudent at a local hospital, but they have resources they can hook you up with quickly, given your circumstances.

The Elks men’s organization has a primary outreach objective of helping the disabled. Someone could contact the nearest lodge to you and ask if they would consider building the ramp. Other organizations such as Scouts also might help.

If you have a friend who can be an advocate for you by being with you for doctor appointments and other assessments, perhaps you will be able to negotiate other options other than a nursing home should hospital care be indicated at this time.

The Independent Living Centers nationwide have additional resources for disabled people, and they can help you understand how to streamline processes and gain entry into necessary services, as well as identify important local resources in your geographic area.

Take care!