adding a wholistic twist to your great ideas

March 29, 2011 at 2:36 pm

Thanks for looking at the big picture. I think all of us together can come up with the answer faster than some doctor/scientest who hasn’t experienced what we have. I liked you comment about God helping those who help themselves. How about this theory:
We were give these wonderful bodies that do heal themselves when treated properly…given what they need to repair. Instead of looking for an anti-viral, why not give the body what it needs. When you look at how each of us came down with GBS/CIDP, it seems many had an illness/infection and were run down. The part of the body that fights infection is our white blood cells. When they do not have what they need to fight it off, the infections win. As I fought off my second bout of GBS, I took 15-20 grams of vitamin C and my body used ever bit of it. (Otherwise I would have been running to the bathroom – since I could only crawl, that was not a good idea!! But I Knew that it was working, because of not having any bowel intolerance.) The literature says Not to stimulate your immune system..I said Hogwash and did the opposite. I also did reflexology of my hands and feet…very much like acupuncture/acupressure. I took supplements like zinc and certain herbs to fight infection. Then I let the body heal itself. And it did. I would habe added Olive Leaf extract because that fights most bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasites. We were given the tools/foods to stay healthy…but we have been conditioned to look for a magic bullet from the pharmaceutical companies. Finally Dr. Oz is giving credibility to what wholistic people have known for years…the “old ways” work. So I think you are on the right path. But my suggestion would be to strengthen the body and let God’s creation fix itself.
In the past i have found that if the C wasn’t working, I wasn’t taking enough. The same goes for Olive Leaf. People take one capsule and say it is not working…..yet take triple the amount of what the FDA approves for pain relievers and think nothing of it. I vote for the stuff Without side effects.