accent the positive – eliminate the negative opinion

March 26, 2008 at 8:02 pm

The NIH in 2005 stated that there are nearly 100 known autoimmune diseases – afflicting 23.5 million people in the US – one in twelve Americans. Many of theses diseases have doubled and tripled in Western countries throughout the world in the last 40 years. So….whether it be GBS, MS, CIDP – the body is attacking itself. We need to rethink the food, water, chemicals that we put into our bodies. AND try to eliminate stress. The doctors have no idea what causes it or it wouldn’t be labeled SYNDROME.
I had a brilliant doctor the first time I got GBS. To quibble about you not following the textbook symptoms, is ludicrous. If they look at the list of the possible causes – being sprayed with bug spray, immunizations, flu bug days or weeks before, – mine was stress and that isn’t on the list. Just be thrilled that you have no nerve damage and don’t look for trouble! ENjoy the news.Tune out the doctor when he turns negative. IF they kept their patients healthy, they wouldn’t have any patients and who would pay for their Mercedes? (wink)
I stopped going to doctors. The last doctor I went to and told him my GBS was returning (after 20 years) barely raised an eye brow and did nothing. They are only practicing medicine. And I say this with experience – the dermatologist who told me I had FLEAS – when I found out later on by asking a nurse – it was shingles. Fifthy bucks and an hour drive to find out that fleas are smart enough to come back each day and bit me (hives) in a distinct pattern. Give me a break. So, Sean, take the positive and find out what in your life you can change to support your body. Your body is the smart one – treat it nicely.