absent minded

December 4, 2009 at 9:00 pm

Hello Julie,
I celebreted with tears my 4 year anniversay of GBS just the other day. I look back to the way I was prior to this and wonder if I would every do the things I used to do and I feel no I won’t. I was taking Cymbalta 2 years ago, and stopped taking it in March of 09 for possible side effects. When taking Cymbalta, I felt my thought processes and reasoning power was in overdrive and everything was so clear. When I started taking Cymbalta, I was no longer permitted to work as an air traffic controller because of the type of med Cymbalta is. I thought that was a bunch of BS and have fought to return to air traffic, but since I stopped and no longer under its effects (now take Tramadol) I have noticed my memory has decreased dramaticly, names of friends are forgotten and I sometimes stop in midsentence wondering what the point was. My wife has noticed this too and advised it is because of my age (46), but I think not. I know that starting and coming off the Cymbalta was very difficult as to the mind manipulating powers it has, but 1 time I was in both the process of withdrawal from Cymbalta and starting Neurotin which made me feel I was in a cloud was the worst time. I pray that the doctors find what has gone wrong with my liver, pancreas, gonads, (and whatever gland controls body temperature) soon so I can go back on Cymbalta. All this from a so called mild case. As for the air traffic work I no longer do, I am thankful that I have light duty, office work, because I don’t think I could safety be in control of hundreds lives at one time anymore. My thought processes are not there anymore, and I don’t know what the cause is, but I can only speculate since my perphefial nerve system was destroyed, that it mayhave traveled to my brain that the flight surgeon has speculated.