A race well run…

June 3, 2008 at 10:19 pm

Gene, I’m glad I met and know you. I will be in San Diego in 6 days and I will try to call you.

Over the years this GBSFI forum has existed, you have been the steward; the welcome host; nearly always the first to reply with up-to-date medical treatment; straight forward honest opinions to caregivers; and questions for them to ask the nurses and doctors.

This forum went down because of hackers after about four years. There was so much information from Gene, Lee, Marc, and others that was lost – more information lost than most doctors will ever learn, and that’s the truth. We all made post that educated the GBS members, but Gene was always the leader.

Sometimes we wonder why God chose us for the challenges of such a disease as GBS. If it was to help others with this catastrophic illness, then Gene will certainly be 1st in line…In fact, Gene will be first in line regardless. I hope you answer the phone next week my friend.

[COLOR=”Blue”]I just read on another thread that Gene passed away last Monday, 5/26. My heart is filled with sadness…we all have lost a brother.[/COLOR]


P.S. In the photo, Gene is 1st from the left. His wife Phyllis is next to him.