a little follow up to this topic

April 30, 2008 at 11:49 am

i was rereading some of my old posts and this topic is still something that interests me greatly and some of you guys responded as well. i wanted to share some of the websites that have more info on medicinal marijuana
[url]www.norml.org[/url] & [url]www.mpp.org[/url]

i just wanted to share that i’m still using my herb for pain control. i take a couple of percocets a day for break through pain, but i’m not on the morphine or oxycontin! 12 u.s. states continue to have compassionate laws for the use of medical marijuana. at least five other u.s. states are voting this year on compassionate use of marijuana. the american college of physcians, which is the 2nd largest organization of m.d.’s, over 120,000 members are calling for a schedule change in marijuana from schedule I narcotic – meaning is has little to no medicinal value to a schedule III narcotic so it can be used in human trials, etc.

oh, and to answer a few questions, no i don’t have children and i’m not able to work, so i don’t feel morally wrong for using a natural plant to help my pain. i’m going to [url]www.worldwidemarijuanamarch.org[/url] this weekend to show support of this medicine. i’ve also found great recipes for edibles and tinctures, saves on lung power!