A little better

July 15, 2008 at 12:55 pm

Well, we went to the Neuro clinic on the 10th. She had bloodwork done and a nerve conduction test which showed no damage. She was using a cane to get around in the clinic and was so very tired after the drive to Memphis.
The Dr. did the basic neuro exam and ordered the bloodwork.
His clinical impression was that it could be as simple as b12 defeciency.
The next day she felt stronger and Sat. she drove around some.
Sun. The MD called (yes, he called on Sun.) and told her her b12 was indeed low. yesterday she drove 50 miles to visit some friends and was totally worn out when she got home. She was still tired this morning but she is showing improvement. Supposed to call her GP this morning to schedule b12 shot.
I will remain skeptical about this until she is much much better but am so grateful that she feels better.
I want to hear more about your mild case of GBS.
Thank y’all sooo much