A big battle, for sure

July 26, 2010 at 8:58 am

Hi, I have CIDP. First symptoms in late 1970’s. I guarantee I am older than you. So, that’s at least one!

Re: mowing the lawn, you said, “…I just mastered mowing the lawn again (I still need assistance pulling the start cord from my neighbor who is 66 years old but understands my lack of hand grip skills).”

I say, We got an electric start mower, self propelled. It’s great. I don’t have to pull start it or wait for help.

Somebody else said, [QUOTE=guskno]Hi Udaman, …Honestly, the only people in the company that need to know anything about your condition is Human Resources. HR only needs that info in order to supply you with reasonable accom….[/QUOTE]

And the reverse is also true. While it may be a fact that all you guys out on the floor know each others’ problems, the ‘other’ guy’s problems are his. And, just as with you they are between him and HR, not us and the Internet.

You know, it’s sad, the problem you describe for him is well known, it is not only an HR issue, it is an issue that has been dealt with in the courts for a long time. There is probably very little judiciary history for “Case Law” involving GBS-CIDP.

Back in Jan 2010 Gary O said he had a case going on. You may be next.

I am certainly no HR expert. But, personally, I would much rather have a “Work Hardening Certificate” from P/T and a complete release of work restrictions from my physician.

Check on it… What does HR have? They probably have on file, in their file cabinets and their elephant brains that you are ‘restricted.’ You need a complete, complete as possible release. That is, get a release that covers each job task, one by one, for your job.

HR has a Job Description that includes these requirements and I bet your Union does too. The Union better have it. Where’s your Union Job Rep in all this???

Good luck.