25 years Post GBS

September 3, 2007 at 11:53 am

I had GBS 25 years ago without plasmapharesis, now I’m 40. I have had some light sequelas : tiredness, pain etc until six years ago when I got worse.
Now I don’t work anymore. After a lots of examinations included EMG nothing unusual has been found. When I read the Canadian criteria of CFS/ME I have them all. I also have IBS. I feel like 90 years.
The doctor I have now have “describe me” with the diagnoses M791 myalgia, B948 late effect of other specificate infections (Guillain-Barré) and R53 sense of illness and tiredness.
I have tried Amantadine, different painkillers etc. The only one which help me a little is to take a very small dose of amitryptilin.
When I have better and god days I do yoga, breathing exercises and some meditation and daily walks. In winter time I also try do a daily ayurvedic sesamoilmassage. I have changed a lot of my diet to – I prepare all the meals with so much organic stuff I can, I don’t take sugar, white flour etc. But some days when I’m worse I just take something to kill the hunger. I take probiotic yogurt, linseed oil, and some mineral and vitamine liquid supplement. It probably sound boring but I is not that I have much other things to do and it makes me feel better inside but I still have all the problems left…

Sorry about the long story – I’m to dizzy to edit it as a short one…