2 years after rituxan

September 26, 2008 at 12:32 am

Norb its been a while since Ive checked the board, but the dynamics were very similar for me. the anti-mag didn’t change but the IgM went down. i stopped the treatments and actually after 2 years I am doing well not 100% but much much better . it seems to take along time after the treatments more than a year for me to see change

I am in the gym every day for an hour and bike there and back, also swimming, I was in BKK for the summer teaching and seem strong (I’m down to 9%BF and a 50 resting heart rate based on all this exercise)

last xmas I saw Dr Latov to calibrate and he was ok with the protocol and suggested maintenance

I am nervous about high dose protocol.

as you know Iam doing the turmeric, based on the Anderson work, and I’m a believer.