Reply To: 40 days and no response to ivig – can it still work?

July 31, 2022 at 11:30 am

See my 7/24 comment above. Dont know your husbands dx, how long he is treated.  For me, as my strength and sensation returned, over 2 yrs, 3 treatments is nothing, and I don’t know his physical status, prior to ivig, but for me the discomfort of the neuropathy in my hands and feet  worsened, because the ” healing”  was not back to normal but with permanent damage, which can cause the continued neuropathy. Its a horribly debilitating ltd. life for me. Your husband should take some solace in having a caring wife for support.  I am on my own and its a struggle every day. There are meds to help with neuropathy discomfort, your docs should know. All have side affects, and all have stopped working for me after covid.  Perhaps if his ivig is in very early stages, its possible he can improve. Like I said I , don’t know his pre treatment condition, how long  before his diagnosis,  how frequently he is re evaluated etc. You inquiry gives very little clinical info.  My comments above sum it up for my experience and with others I know. Some people never get results w ivig, some it just stops working for, others seem almost cured. All people all cases different, BUT EARLY DIAGNOSIS AND Early TREATMENT IS KEY.