Reply To: HELP IVIG not working post covid 19 infected April 2020.

March 12, 2022 at 9:50 pm

Im on the Nyc Long island Border.  Been going to Manhattan.  I know the heavy hitters…you cant ask them anything, show them anything, suggest, question, they r tired, many have left, have to pick up pt. overflow after resignations, no new hires. If I try to make appt w new doc, facility, they look at the voluminous records and say stay where you were. Cant see anyone else in that original group, except the doc that took over for him, that is director, that was doing research, lecturing around country, publishing books, and now he has to go back to seeing pts w diseases that new treatments have evolved but he has not.  I have zoomed in LA, COE, have other ideas, protocols, cant do it from there. They were very empathetic with the situation of rigidity.


zip 11364