Reply To: Balance Problems with GBS

March 12, 2022 at 3:19 pm

So who do I see for that ? Orthotist. I can walk, just don’t have balance, need walker, can only walk short distances, like in the house since I got covid.
I posted a new topic today, on general forum. Topics ” Helps Cidp exacerbation
post covid 19″. Can you check that out ? I would be so grateful for you even
having the patience to do so. I have read your story since I joined this group,
and read history of your journey. I can recite all the protocols, not that I know which is beneficial to me at this point, as I cant get a doc at a Center of excellence, that are just not so excellent here anymore since covid killed this city TO LISTEN TO ME ! I live alone am on my own, responsible for 96 yr old mom post stroke 5 yrs. live in help, constant stress, she is all I have though.
Friends slowly disappeared after covid. My post elaborates. God Bless you.
You have the strength mentally I pray for.🙏🏼