Reply To: Tips for fluctuations

November 1, 2020 at 10:56 am

Hi Mike, I feel for you, literally. I wasn’t able to get my symptoms under control until two years into the disease. It is when I switched my primary Dr that I found her to work with me instead of against me. Everyone is different, but here’s my experience. She worked diligently with me to get my pain under control but it didn’t happen overnight. I now take Morphine Extended Relief 3x daily and Oxycodone Immediate Relief 2x daily for flare ups. My numbness and tingling put me through the roof, so she put me on an Venlafaxine Extended Relief. This is an antidepressant but it’s side effects relieve the numbness and tingling. Not to mention the antidepressant keeps me positive. None of these are high doses and don’t make me dopey all day. As far as blurry vision, I found out Prednisone caused me cataracts. Once these were removed, I don’t get blurry vision at all. Again, this is was what worked for me. I wish you well. Be persistent and it will get better.