Reply To: Have you relapsed and recovered?

September 14, 2020 at 3:32 pm

JD — I have never been hospitalized for treatment. I started IVIG (Gamunex) in March 2017 and have been receiving it weekly ever since.I’m envious of all you can do. I had lost 80% of the nerve function in both legs before I was finally diagnosed, and I haven’t regained any of it. The doctors tell me I’m too old for nerve regeneration and will have to be satisfied with staying as I am. But now I’m markedly worse. I can’t walk any distance at all without a walker or cane, and when I leave the house I’m always in a wheelchair. I have no balance and have suffered some bad falls. Now I seem to be losing what little mobility I had. I wish you the best with your regimen and hope you can continue to walk,drive,and use your bike.