Reply To: CIDP symptoms now after GBS in 2002

June 12, 2020 at 6:05 am

Hi Tim11

I know I might be a bit late for “the party” and I hope you had success with the diagnosis.
Yes, it is possible. I had GBS in 2001 and recovered fully, to then get diagnosed with CIDP in the end of 2019. 18y later. Yes, it is rare but also yes, it is possible. As PeteM already wrote, also I had to do a liqor test to confirm it, even the MRI showed first signs for a CIDP.

Hope you’re doing well.
I am almost 100% back on track but still recovering from it was able to find a “formula” that works for me. Receiving 80/g IVIG once every 2 weeks and still on physical rehab 2d/w.