Reply To: IVIG: Susceptibility to Corona Virus

March 27, 2020 at 3:31 pm

I am not on IVIG, however, I am on Cellcept and used to take Prednisone, both weaken the immune system. I was cleared to go back to work a couple of weeks ago and was expecting to start up again in late April. Lucky me during the middle of a pandemic!

So I learned that if I get the coronavirus that I would likely be in serious trouble. So now I have to thread a needle between the decision of staying home and likely not getting paid and going to work. Talking to my doctor, we are discussing now about stopping medication all together so that if I got infected, I could beat the virus.

So this will put me at risk of having CIDP symptoms returning. Maybe I’ll be lucky and find my case to be in remission? Lots of scary unknowns out there ahead. I hope everyone here stays safe. We are immunocompromised and we cannot forget this.