Reply To: Natural Supplements

February 11, 2020 at 10:51 am

I like most have tried to incorporate natural supplements. I started alpha lipoic acid daily for nerve repair. Not sure if it has helped, and it does seem to give my urine the asparagus type smell. I have also added omega 3 fatty acids, but you need to be a little careful with these as they do cause the blood to thin and cause bruising if you are getting frequent iv’s for your treatments. Others have seemed to recommend tumeric which I have also incorporated and I have started adding raw ginger. Just started accupuncture which seems to help with some of the facial neuropathy.
I have also tried Lions mane mushroom in the past when I first had symptoms but have been reluctant to use this supplement recently as I am on high doses of steroids. Not sure if there is a risk or not. Lions mane does come in a supplement but you can also buy mushroooms and they are tasty.
Other than that I think vitamin b12, and vitamin d may be something to consider.
Also started adding cinnamon to my coffee in the morning, which was an adjustment but I am getting use to the taste. Hope that helps