Reply To: Shortness of breath I mo after IVIG

February 4, 2020 at 1:31 pm

Responding to Terry S. I am 14 months in recovery, and my goal is just to be able to drive my truck again. What stops me, is my concern about my general energy level and how far can I walk without getting overwhelmed with foot nerve pain. I was forced to do some back yard weed wacking for my little dogs. I worked for about a 1/2 hour till I was totally exhausted. I was down to just 2 – 25 mil. Lyrica’s a day. The next day my foot pain was so severe I went back up to 150 mil. of Lyrica and even that did not work. This pain has lasted 4 days now. I was wondering if I should “get back on the horse” (former marine) and try it again in a few days, or just stick with the basic treadmill exercising I have been doing for about 6 weeks without any major pain? Its a waste of time talking to a doctor about it, they are clueless.