Reply To: New to Cidp? I think?

January 31, 2020 at 10:29 pm


Looks like your case isn’t overly horrible. I mean it is all horrible but could be worse. I was probably similar to you or maybe only very slightly better. You just have to give it time and I think you will get better. I’d push for the Cellcept, it makes sense and works, especially if you are done having kids. They say after about 60-90 days after starting Cellcept you can get off of the Prednisone. It doesn’t make sense to do IVIG and Prednisone indefinitely. As for Stem Cell, I felt like you initially during the process. I even called them up and they told me they wouldn’t even talk to me until after I had 6 months of traditional treatment. Glad I waited because chemotherapy is a bigger deal than we think it is in my opinion.