Reply To: Anyone sue a doctor for bad diagnosis

January 4, 2020 at 6:05 pm

(update to prev. post)
My GBS symptoms were in BOTH legs, but I was only paralyzed in one leg.

Also the 1st neuro that tested me within 4 weeks, actually stated it could be GBS, but it was a “long shot”, and just ignored it. Can anyone tell me how this is not malpractice?

The 2nd neuro I saw about 4 months later diagnosed it within 15 minutes! I then waited another month while the doctor played games with the insurance co. because I was diagnosed after 3 weeks of symptoms. Maybe the IVIG would of worked? It did not work 5 months into the disease.

There are a lot more “bad” doctors out there than good in my experience, especially in San Diego.