Reply To: New Diagnosed-IVIG question

December 27, 2019 at 1:19 pm

Look! If you are getting worse then it is going to take that much longer to eventually recover. The Mylen Sheath takes 6 months to repair back and if it gets past the sheath to the axiom then I’m reading that isn’t repairable. Prednisone is the most used treatment over IVIG and Plasma exchange. Keep in mind you’ll need to get on an immunosuppressant drug in conjunction with the prednisone so you can eventually ween off of the prednisone. If she doesn’t want to use prednisone, then it sounds like you need to find a new doc asap.

I think I will try to write out a complete history of what happened to me and how I recovered. I think many will be able to find my story very helpful. I’ll try to post this over the weekend.