Reply To: How long for recovery

December 16, 2019 at 9:38 am

Hi Elvira. My case is/was right in the middle; not severe, not “minor”, average. ICU 2+ weeks, rehab hospital 6 weeks.
I couldn’t stand at all for 4 months and wobbled badly for at least 2 more. It might’ve gone faster but I had horrible pain from my knees down (where I was paralyzed). The pain faded as I forced myself through it.
My hands were a different story. I was born with a limb difference, so occupational therapy was a challenge beyond usual. I couldn’t do anything with my hands for 2 months. I slid my food toward my face more than pick it up, my fork usually ended up backwards or upside down. It was so hard! Which was a shame because my hospital’s food was fantastic.
One day one of the nurses took lunch break just as I was feeling antsy, so she went with me to the gift shop (just to get away) and as we went we had an inspiration… and picked out a large-print crossword puzzle book. That helped with my handwriting so much! Then, when I went home, I had to improve quickly because my critter needed to be petted, but he nipped because I couldn’t do it right (prima donna crazy bird).
I hope any of that helps.