Reply To: Anyone with similar symptoms?

December 6, 2019 at 3:33 pm

I posted on another CIDP section the other day in this forum questioning if taking IVIg without prednisone is as effective. I care-give for my friend Jeff who was diagnosed almost a year ago. He went from a viable, strong, general contractor, biker, athlete to a quadriplegic in 3 months time. He got a quick diagnosis and started IVIg very early onset but it took 3 months of IVIG infusions 4x month most of the time spent getting worse. When I noticed one tiny sign things might be different I told the doctor. He added about 65 mg of prednisone. Within a couple of weeks Jeff finally started to see very small improvements. Almost one year later he has climbed his way back very far. Read what I wrote in detail because his story is similar to yours. I think you will be encouraged and want to ask your doctor to figure out what can be done to mix up be kick start the meds and try to shorten recovery time. It looks like early diagnosis and aggressive multiple treatments ASAP might be effective. I see it working for Jeff as he continues to improve and get some of his life back. I wish you the best – stay in theses forums and search for answers. Be your own advocate. It is what got my friend the information, fortitude and courage to fight.