Reply To: Anyone with similar symptoms?

December 2, 2019 at 11:01 am

Hey Dana,
It sounds like your condition is where I was a couple years ago.
Originally my symptoms started with numbness in my toes, that’s all. The numbness slowly crept up to my legs. My fingers followed suit, hand then arms. The last year or so I’ve progressively gotten weaker & weaker in my legs, and in the last 6-8 months my hands & arms have lost their strength.
Those zaps by a stun-gun I had earlier on, not recently. It’s not so much a painful sensation, but very unpleasant, I described it as torture, and would happen always at night.
I am on my second script of Prednisone. At first they helped but I stopped talking them, don’t seem to work anymore.
I started IVIG in 2017, but my symptoms have progressively gotten worse over time. I’ve talked to my neurologist about other options, he’s not keen on stem cell therapy or plasma exchange. Maybe I’m impatient and just want to feel right again, I cannot stand being home idle. My mental health is suffering.🤪
I guess I have no other choice but to hang in there and fight the fight. 👍🤞
You hang in there, don’t waist time if your therapy isn’t producing positive results, be proactive. The further the CIDP progresses, the more damage you have to reverse or repair.